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Kylie Jenner is already an Icon on the beauty industry since she launched her Kylie Cosmetics line in 2015, the brand has been one of the most popular and fastest selling product in the industry. At the age of 20 and the youngest of the Kardashian Clan has already made an insane amount of money in her cosmetic line, this reality TV star has build an empire and is on her way to becoming a billionaire.

kylie jenner cosmetics

She first launches her new Kylie Lip kit just under 2 years ago. And expanded to other cosmetic products, this was almost sell out instantly on every product launch. Kylie Cosmetics has become one of the fastest and most talked about product launch ever. Her cosmetic business continued to rise in the market. She is even one of the most viewed video and subscriber in YouTube and followed by many in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Where to buy Kylie Jenner Cosmetics?

Most of the cosmetic fanatics are asking, Where to buy Kylie Jenner cosmetics? the product is available in there website but unfortunately its always sold out and hard to get. the other options is to get it at Amazon for a cheaper price, ebay and even Alibaba, it is also available directly on their website, there are different variety of cosmetic product available that would suite your preference and your style but the list bellow are most popular:

  • Kylie Jenner Cosmetics – The Birthday Collection
  • Kyshadow
  • Kylighter
  • LIquid Lipstick
  • Lipkits
  • Kylie Jenner Weather Collection

These new Kylie cosmetic makeup have a variety of collections to choose from, depending on your taste, using the product will surely look good on you plus the added self confidence by using these beauty product. now if your planning where to buy Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, you should think twice because there a fake or imitation product are being sold on cheap online store, who only wants take advantage of the hype and earn money, they are even selling it a cheap price just to persuade the buyers. So be safe we recommend you buy it on Amazon Website or on the product website and you can subscribe in their website and watch her latest video.

Buy Kylie Jenner Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics – The Birthday Collection

Kylie Jenner Cosmetics - The Birthday Collection

It contains 6 Mini Velvet Liquid Lipsticks; The Kylie Jenner Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipstick Mini Kit is the perfect way to take your favorite velvet lipsticks to go. Each kit comes with 6 mini sizes of Kylie’s favorite shades. Although the packaging on this product is a  little more similar to valentines day. but its nice and simple, They may have spent more time on the packaging on this product than the other items, the heart elements and glitters on the package or even on the side of the palette there is a metallic materials and even a mirror inside, so all in all the package looks great.

It has four brushes inside and 3 for is for eye brushes and the other one is for contouring use and even for blending colors. In this Birthday collection you do get nine shadows, and you also get 2 Kylighter size kit, the blushes is called Cheers and you also get the powder kylighter in it which is called Confetti which also sounds like really a birthday celebration. This is one of the most followed in Twitter, Facebook and Istagram.

Kylie Birthday Collection

Kylie Jenner- Kyshadow


Kyshadow is a new line of eye shadows kit released last June on the Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, this is a pressed powder eye shadow which comes with nine different color and has a variety of 3 which the popular eyeshadows, burgundy palette, bronze palette, and the most popular which is Kylie – Take Me On Vacation – Kyshadow. Among the best about these product is it has suitability in which the shadows can be layered from one to the top of the other in which it creates coverage. These Kyshadow are waterproofs and oil control and long lasting make-up, the style is super warm that is full of feminine fascination, can be used in different occasions with the healthy ingredients used on this product that is why its safe to wear for a longer time of the day.

Others said that the pressed powder eye shadow palette is their secret arsenal to create the almost perfect Kylie eye. These comes comes with 9 variety of pressed powder eye shadows which can be used together to have the Kylie’s favorite looks or have your own unique one. The Bronze Palette has the following shades:

  • Jasper– matte finish creamy beige
  • Quartz– satin finish champagne gold
  • Topaz– KyShadow matte finish true taupe
  • Goldstone– satin finish bronze
  • Citrine- matte finish bright orange
  • Tiger Eye– matte finish (light golden brown)
  • Hematite– matte finish (chestnut brown)
  • Bronzite– matte finish (chocolate brown)
  • Obsidian– matte finish (black)

Kylie Collection - Kyshadow



This can be bought by a bundle of 6, that comes with a different variety : FRENCH VANILLA, COTTON CANDY CREAM, SALTED CARAMEL.  This Kylie Jenner cosmetics is your secret Weapon to a perfect Kylie glow. Each Kylighter Bundle comes with 6 pressed illuminating powder highlighters that can be used to recreate Kylie’s favorite looks or customize your own.

The kylighter is perfect for every skin tone, The bundle contains of a 6 Pressed Illuminating Powders:

  • Banana Split- vibrant yellow gold
  • Cotton Candy Cream- soft light peach
  • Chocolate Cherry- warm coppery bronze
  • French Vanilla- soft icy gold
  • Salted Caramel- warm midtone gold
  • Strawberry Shortcake- warm midtone pink

If you have fair skin, it is recommended that you try the Kylighter shades French Vanilla (an icy gold), Cotton Candy Creme (a rose gold) and Banana Split (a true gold) these are the shades she likes most ladies wants to wear. for those who have lighter skin tones you want to try for champagne, pearl, and rose gold highlighters. based on reviews most girls don’t usually wear bright gold ones.

Kylie Cosmetics - Kylighter

Kylie Lipkits

lipkits kylie

The Kylie Lipkits packaging is fun and edgy with the drips, lip liner and liquid lipstick go on a bit dry, but the color looks great and very Kylie feel. although the smell is like synthetic candy-scented, and the fact that it’s sitting right under the nose but the result if you wear is really nice although with mixed feelings which make it more interesting to try. It has four more colors to choose from depending on your preference and taste.

This ultra-long wearing lip liner has its creamy texture which glides across the lips easily with comfortable application feeling. The Lip Liner  can be sharpens easily  by standard sized sharpeners available – (make sure the sharpener is not dull) the Kylie Lipkits has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip and it contains moisturizing which make its more comfortable to wear for longer time and the silky feel and does not make your lips looks dry. Kylie Jenner Cosmetics LipKits Matte is a Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner, it’s a soft, warm nude and dusty, The Kylie lip look is wildly successful on all products. It comes with 4 bundles: Mary J o k, Candy K. kout K. Poise K

Kylie Cosmetics Lipkits

Kylie Jenner Weather Collection

Kylie Jenner Weather Collection

Kylie Jenner Weather Collection by Kylie cosmetics was launched last February 2017 which was originally inspired by the name of her first born daughter name “Stormi”, where in fact most of sub products is name under it, like the Eye of the Storm-Kyshadow, Calm Before The Storm Kyshadow,  The Kylie Jenner Weather Collection bundle also contains the  following cosmetic products,

  • Kylie Jenner Weather Collection- Nightfall Matte Lipstick
  • Cosmic Matte Lipstick
  • Violet Moon & Destiny
  • Nova Matte Lipstick
  • Flash Gloss
  • Twinkle Twinkle & Superstar
  • Lightning Bolt Ultra Glow
  • Yellow Eyeliner
  • Highlighter Palette

This is the latest cosmetic product of Kylie cosmetics. Whats good about Kylie Jenner Weather Collection bundle is, Its an all in one package deal, all you need are already inside the bundle. Indeed this Kylie still proves that she is still the queen of cosmetic products, as proof was the first day sold out launch of her newest cosmetic line.

Kylie Weather Collection

Are Kylie Cosmetics Legit?

Some says that the Keylie Jenner Cosmetics is fake not legit, but as per hearing the feedback on those who are actually using these makeup, there saying its for real. maybe those who comment negative were people that have not got the chance to get their own cosmetic kit because its always sold out and hard to order in the market upon launch and been annoyed of waiting for the restock. but We have a legit proof the is for real. an the best proof is its always sold out on its first day of launch and ladies are hyped on this stuff, our tips if you really want to get this cosmetic line is you order it on amazon website. they have still available stocks. You can also watch video on Youtube and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates on these makeup kits.

where to buy kylie jenner cosmetics


Overall, The Review for Kylie Jenner Cosmetics and makeup products is that it’s a great and amazing brand. Most users are glad that they purchased the product, some users who have fair skin and the nude gloss goes perfectly with their skin tone. The formula is awesome, it stays on perfectly and is not even sticky. The gloss has no sparkle, that makes it look more natural on your skin. The wait is totally worth it for these kinds of cosmetic kit. As by far the Kylie Jenner Cosmetics is one of the most popular cosmetic product, which represents glamour and beauty at the same time, by wearing or using these makeup and beauty products will surely add to your self-confidence and feeling the latest fashion and trends. To learn more about the makeup kit, you can watch videos and subscribe and follow her on twitter, Facebook and Instagram 

Buy Kylie Jenner Cosmetics

FAQ- Frequently asked questions about Kylie Cosmetics:

 How long does it take to get Kylie cosmetics?

It usually 3 to 7 days delivery depending on the area you are in mostly if in United states it takes only 3- 3 days. Amazon is fastest and affordable seller for this product, you can buy also on their website.

Where can I buy my Kylie Jenner Weather Collection?

Its easy to get a Kylie cosmetics, simply click this link : Kylie Cosmetics and choose the a variety of cosmetics you want to buy. Our recommendation is you buy it by bundle in order to save time and its much cheaper than buying it individually.

Do they offer product returns?

Unfortunately they don’t have a return policy, all makeup product bought online are considered sold, but the best thing is all this product are tested and guaranteed. So its safe to use and affordably. As the saying goes – Beauty is priceless.

Buy Kylie Jenner Cosmetics

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