About Us

I am Jeffrey and suffered Erectile Dysfunction or also known as “impotence” for a very long time. 

When I found out that I have Erectile Dysfunction, It affected my self-esteem and feel that I am a useless partner, my social and work activities were badly affected also. I was also into a very complicated relationship that almost ended it during those times. 

I still do not consider myself to be 100% cured, but over the years, through a variety of effective treatment and medications, I have managed to regain my self-esteem and happy life.  

Together with my three affected friends Gregg, David and Antonio my partner Elaine, I have created this site to help other victims to help themselves. Unfortunately, I had to do more research for a long time until I found helpful information about Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction on the internet.

Early signs of  Erectile Dysfunction are not taken seriously by men, especially at a there younger age. Unfortunately, many men often react less than understanding when their partner brings up the topic.

Therefore, we have tried on this page as easy to understand as possible to put together all the essential information about Erectile Dysfunction “Impotence” and list urologist and facilities who take the topic of “Impotence” seriously and can really help you.

Important for you to know is: you are not alone and there is effective help. “Impotence” “Erectile Dysfunction” or “Erectile problem” is a topic that affects many men. With the help of the tips, treatment, and medications that we have compiled on this page, many men have been successful in treating ED and finding access to a fulfilled and relaxed sexuality.

Do not be afraid Erectile Dysfunction can be treated. You just need to have the right information to deal with it.

W wish you all the best on the journey into a Impotence-free life. You too can do it!