Athletic Greens Review : What are the side effects? And Where to Buy?

What is Athletic Greens?

A super food drink is what Athletic Greens is, it contains 4 major categories: Alkaline, Raw superfood complex, Herbs and Antioxidants and Nutrient Dense Natural Extracts. This is the most popular drink and supplement the so called All in One drink, the do it all- It brings out your whole-body potential. There is no such thing as perfect diet but there is an almost perfect powder drink and it’s called Athletic Greens. Chris “the Kiwi” was the creator of this supplement, he was a nutritionist and an athlete.

Athletic Greens

They say it has 11 supplements in one serving or all in one pack of this super food Nutritional Drink. Its hard to look for a single supplement that give the most benefits of your body and more nutrients density per serving of Athletic Greens super food supplement. It’s being said that it provides triple absorption of nutrients that other supplements. Its even being recommended by the top authors of no less than NY Times Time Ferris says: If he could choose only one supplement to recommend he will choose these product. In our Athletic Greens Review, we will discuss further benefits of the dietary supplement, what are its side effects and other alternative that you may consider.

What are the Ingredients of Athletic Greens?

This superfood supplement has 4 major ingredients that helps nourishes our body with vitamins and minerals that we needed, it also helps in the digestion process so that our body can absorb more nutrients from the food we eat, it allows your body directly to use the nutrients and vitamins at its potential. The major ingredients are as follows:

  • Alkaline, Nutrient Dense Raw superfood complex
  • Herbs and Antioxidants, Nutrient Dense Natural Extract
  • Super Mushroom complex and Digestive Enzymes
  • Probiotics (Dairy Free)

Athletic Greens supplement are for people who are really serious about having a health body and are willing to invest time and money the same way they are investing in their life. Actually, health is priceless, I for one care for my health as much as you do. Furthermore, the supplement is perfected thru time and careful study and selecting the right fruits, herbs, plants and mushrooms, a possibility of limitless of energy that your body may enjoy on Athletic Greens.

Superior Superfood Nutrition In One Single Serving
Organic SpirulinaAcerola Cherry Fruit
Grapeseed ExptractRhodiola
wildBilberriesMilk Thistle Seed Extract
Astragalus MembranaceusCocoa
Green Tea Extract

Athletic Greens Review

How does Athletic Greens work?

So might be wondering how does this superfood powder drink works on my body? Well in this Athletic Greens review we will discuss its benefits in 5 simple ways:

  • Provides the right vitamins and minerals that are essential to your body needs, it helps absorbs in sufficient, right quality and quantity.
  • Digestive Enzymes- added some natural enzymes like papain and bromelain that helps in protein digestion and ginger to its potential benefits
  • The liver formulas that help removes toxins on our body.
  • Prebiotic and probiotics which support our immune system become strong.
  • Adaptogens- these are great type of herbs fits specifically to your body needs at the right time, for example the respond if you’re feeling stress or fatigue, it helps you overcome it.

How to use this superfood power drink?

After opening the pack, you can refrigerate the Athletic Greens powder and use this for 90 days, for adults you can take 12 grams or equivalent to 1 tablespoon per swerving on a 200 ml water. This best to take on early morning when your stomach is still empty, for people whose weight is over 170 lbs. we recommend you take the drink 2 servings a day. There is no harmful chemical in this product or any artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives on it. These are natural.

Where to buy athletic Greens?

If your planning to buy Athletic Greens you should get it on Amazon. there are several website that offer discounts and other promos about the supplement but the truth is most it also is a scam, the risk in buying it to a unknown online shopping site is very high you might loose your money. Unlike amazon its already a well known and trustworthy site plus its super fast delivery.  and it is also one of Amazons choice or recommended product for your health supplement. So make this super food supplement a part of your daily health routine as morning shake.

where to buy Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens Alternative

If your looking for an alternative supplement in our review that works closely the same we can recommend some Green supplement that may fit for your budget you may consider the list below:

Alternative ProductsProduct Cost
Amazing Grass Green Superfood Organic Powder with Wheat Grass and Greens$18.08 (Free Shipping)
Amazing Grass Green Superfood Antioxidant Organic Powder with Wheat Grass and Greens$54.99 (Free Shipping)
Organic Superfood Powder- Organifi Green Juice Superfood $70.99 (Free Shipping)
Total Living Drink Greens Superfood Powder $99.99 (Free Shipping)

Athletic Greens Review: Conclusion

There maybe lots of Athletic Greens review out there and green product who claimed to be a complete health supplement but in reality, there less effective as every other low quality out there in the market. I choose Athletic Green because by looking at its ingredients you already have it, this is the all in one super food shake that gives you the potential energy that you need plus it enhance your immune system. This in not just a common green product, it undergo to series of test and studies so that it will be effective to the end users and will surely achieve the healthy body that they desire. So don’t wait for another day if you want to have a healthier body get this product now, many people are already using it.

FAQ- Frequently asked about Athletic Greens

How much is the price of the supplement?

The cost of Athletic Greens in amazon is $97.00, with free shipping, we recommend that you subscribe on their promo to reduce cost from 5% to 15% less, the most common subscription is monthly. The price may looks expensive for a powder drink but if your going to look on the ingredients and its benefits that will give to your health, you will think that its quite reasonable thank spending hundred or thousand for your medical treatment or hospitalization because of your unhealthy lifestyle. I maybe sound harsh but its the reality nowadays.

What are the side effect of the supplement?

In taking this Super food drink daily and making it part of your daily routine. the side effect is zero or non at all, It gives you all the positive effect to your body plus it increase your immune system and brings out the best energy that your body may need.

Is there a return policy or money back guarantee?

Yes, usually there is a return policy if your going to purchase on Amazon website. they at least 14- 30 days depending on the product quantity that you purchase.

How many grams per serving?

We recommend 45 grams per servings and make as your daily morning shake, In a few weeks you will feel the effect of this drink.

How to order athletic Greens?

This is the most common question  of people may ask, the way to order is to go to Amazon (Recommendation) and then click on the product name which is :Athletic Greens Premium Green Super food Cocktail and then you can choose there on 2 choices the : Travel pack which $107 and the Pouch which cost $97, These are all free shipping package.

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Athletic Greens Review : What are the side effects? And Where to Buy?
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