Best Penis Extenders 2019: (Review and Product Comparisons) Are They Really Effective? Does Price Really Matters?

Is it possible to extend a penis without surgery? Does it really really work? What is the best one for me?

This may be the questions that have been running thru your mind right now. The answer to the first and second questions is: YES! Definitely… But. you need to have the best one that fits for you, designed for you, and most important is that it’s SAFE and RISK-FREE!

A survey was conducted and shows that almost 20 percent of men would have their male reproductive organ surgically enlarged if they had the necessary small change (about $10000) for the procedure. But surgery does not have to be. Because on this review we will help you choose on the Top 5 or perhaps the best one.

Based on the study and data gathered the best one that we can recommend for starters who wants to see faster results we recommend Phallosan Forte.

Let’s take a closer look at why we come out to this recommendation and it is the right fit for you.

What is a Penis Extender?

We were particularly curious before our first test of a penis extender, which effect can be achieved with it. Soon we came to the conclusion that for permanent effects regular training for months is necessary – from today to tomorrow, not much happens during penile stretching. Before we come to our experience with the extenders, let’s take a look at the characteristics or effects that the PE should possess:

  • Enlargement: Both the length and the thickness should be able to be increased.
  • Straightening: Men who suffer from a crooked male sex organ should be helped with the stretcher.
  • Erectile Ability: Anyone having problems with getting an erection should be able to benefit from the extender.
  • Erection quality: Another effect should be expressed in harder or more reliable erections.
  • Libido: The regular male reproductive organ training with the stretcher should stimulate sexual desire.
  • Premature ejaculation: Phallus stretching with an extender can help eliminate this problem.

These are the essential points that you come across with the promising one. Furthermore, it is often said that age-related, hormonal or obesity-related potency problems are likely to have positive effects. As part of the surgical follow-up (e.g prostate) and for health safety purposes.

How Does It Work?

Generally. What Penis extenders does is to stretch. Traction makes your It longer, for example with the help of an orthopedic stretch belt. It is strapped around the stomach and connected to a stretch condom that pulls It over the. The tensile strength is adjustable via the belt. We can say that a phallus extender works through a basic process:

Pump up

The vacuum pump is primarily used for erectile dysfunction. They lead your sex organ into a cylinder and create negative pressure. The result: Blood builds up in the erectile tissue – you get an erection. With frequent use, this should also extend the male reproductive organ.


The dick is therefore stretched out, as it is practiced in other parts of the body in medicine – this sounds really simple, but it is not: The art is to make the product so comfortable that it long comfortable and worn quickly can be deposited as well. It must not come to strangulation or undersupply of the tissue with nutrients. In addition, the stretcher must have a minimum of quality so he holds long because, for possible success, he must.

Work out

Every patient should take this into account so as not to risk a long-term return to baseline. Because unlike other bands of our body – such as the cruciate ligaments in the knee joint – which are under strong tension, the severed phallus band can grow together without help from outside. To prevent this, a male genital organ workout is advisable – with a series of weights that the patient takes home.

Five (5) Best Penis Extenders 2019

Phallosan Forte

phallosan forte

Backed with 14 years of experience in the market of male sex organ enlargement and straightening Phallosan is one of the most popular devices. Designed and manufactured in Germany. This product is said to be the most effective and faster result driven and health safety oriented. Phallosan Forte uses the method of new cell formation or tissue via stretching. It stimulates the tissues resulting to produce new cells that result to increase and length and girth.

The company has a 2-year warranty on all parts except on the condoms. Discreet delivery is practiced and a 2 weeks return policy is available in case you don’t like the actual product delivered. This is recommended for men who are having erectile dysfunction, the right straightening device. And helps solve premature ejaculation which common among men.

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X4 Labs

Since 2005, X4 Labs is already sold in the market. A Penis Extender/Stretcher. It’s one of the cheapest prices among others. This good for on budget guys who want their phallus stretched. It also offers guaranteed money back for customers. X4 Labs is known for its quality and incredible before and after results (non-surgical). The product is highly described as, The Strongest Spring Tension – enhance the results with fully adjustable tension, Customer support friendly – join over 20,000 customers on the PE Forum. Expert Service Support.

What is distinctive about this is it’s their triple option fastener designed for both circumcised and uncircumcised men to experience same comfortable enlargement and straightening of the man’s dick. These three supports are called: Single Comfort Straps, Single Silicone Tubes, and Single UltraFit Velcro. They have this discreet shipping and billing is practiced by the company.


SizeGenetics ultimate system

Since 2001, SizeGenetics is already available in the market, a clinically proven male enhancement device. Their methods are medically tested and proved to extend your dick by inches. Their traction devices are used by surgeons. They have this complete money back guarantee if the device won’t work for you. It uses the so-called MDA Technology, multi Directional angling that allows you to extend the male reproductive organ from your comfortable angle.

This one of the most modern device that SizeGenetics exclusively has on their device, more sophisticated design in the market today. They offer 3 option package that fits for customers: The SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System, The SizeGenetics™ Device Only and The SizeGenetics™ Device Only.

(Learn more and read the SizeGenetics Review)

Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro is the only traction device classified as a TYPE 1 CE Certified medical device. And features the world’s most advance glands support, they use a Double Strap System to provide it the maximum tension that allows your phallus to faster and maximum length. It is also designed for curvature correction with faster and less pain. can help in the solve curvature of phallus created by a Peyronie’s Disease.

It has a lifetime warranty and 6-month full money back guarantee is offered to dissatisfied users. The offers is dubbed to be the next generation stretcher with their DSS System. Compare to others that offer only 1 silicone strap. This one offers 2 comfort straps. What makes this one different from our other products is it has a premium system and entirely composed of materials that are medically graded.

JES Extender

As early as 1995, JES Extender is said to be the original. They were the first to use a non-surgical method called the penis traction. With over 500,000 satisfied users worldwide, JES is manufactured in Denmark, they are using the finest medical materials for the device. This was originally used by surgeon and doctors to a (post-op treatment) it allows men to naturally grow their dick through a period of time.

This device does not only extend but it also allows bigger and better results. Straightens your package and helps cure Chordee- a penile curvature which can be found on the head of the cock. The company has double back money guarantee if the device does not work for users as advertised. They offer 6 variations: The Light, Original, Titanium, Silver, Gold, and Platinum at different prices.

Do Penis Extenders Work?

Yes, penis lengthening does actually work. The actual results vary on the user’s dedication and the quality of the extender that he is using. Even urologist does the study and turned out that it worked, the most of them use the traction system in order to put pressure on the muscle of the phallus and in overtime it tends to stretch permanently. But of course, There is always a risk that might be using a substandard device.

Aggressive stretching may result in damage of tissue as what doctors have said, but gradually stretching can be safe and it increases the tissue of the skin which transforms into muscles and slowly expands. My advice would always follow the instructions on the device or most of the lengthening device sold hast this- how to use videos, and you can choose on the list of Top 5 in order for you to be guided. Again if you are in doubt about, If do dick stretcher work? Read the review fist to be guided.

best penis extenders

What is the risk of Penile Surgery? 

From a frivolous decision for an extension is generally discouraged, since the approximately 30-minute operation is quite risky. The complications include, for example, infections, bleeding, ugly scars or even power disturbances.

The surgeon cuts the abdominal skin in the area of the male sex organ root and then penetrates deep into the tissue below the pubis. There he cuts the strap of the phallus. The result is that the organ can be “pulled out” a little bit from the abdominal cavity and thus appears longer for the viewer.

Not every physician who is willing to extend a penis surgery should be trusted by the patient. Dubious providers are not exactly squeamish when performing the procedure. There are differences, for example, in the cut. If you want to make it easy, opens the skin with a large Y-shaped cut, creating a relatively large scar.

What are the features of a Best Penis Extender?

Particularly important is the quality of the products for phallus lengthening. The reason for this is that the processing should be good at first to be able to use the stretcher as long as possible. If the quality is not correct in this case, the wear can ensure that the application is no longer possible correctly. Furthermore, the quality also ensures that the user can expect a good skin feel and a high level of compatibility of the material used. If this is not the case, allergic reactions or even inflammation may occur during use. Clothing, unless you choose it explicitly.

Final Thoughts

It can be assumed in any case that the use of an extender is more useful than a penis pump. The pumps usually provide only short-term success, whereas the products like Phallosan Forte or the Penimaster Pro promise a longer-lasting success. Also, surgery to increase the length of the phallus should be considered only when the men sex organ lengthening / Stretcher were tried. This will save you a lot of trouble and the risk of surgery.

Furthermore, it should be noted that many of the articles are very practical on the market and thus provide flexible training for effective training. Of particular interest here is that the application can be carried out very discreetly. However, it should also be mentioned that most products offer a pleasant feeling when worn. According to these characteristics and the successes that many men have already listed and the use of these products for the penis stretching is well worth it.


Is penis enlargement useful at all?

The question can be answered “yes” in two ways. First, the enlargement makes sense that the affected man feels more comfortable after the extension and can enjoy his life more. On the other hand, studies from the University of Ottawa have scientifically proven that women find men with a large dick more attractive. Accordingly, it makes the penis extension much easier, easier to find a solid partner.

What are the maximum results that can be achieved?

The longer use of the PE allows users to achieve an extension of 2 to 3 centimeters. In addition, the circumference can increase by up to 30 percent. These are only averages, which allow a good overview. In the end, the result depends heavily on the particular anatomical conditions that each man has. As a result, treatment may be better for some men than for others.

What is the normal size of a Penis?

Many men think that they may need an extension, although the length of their phallus moves perfectly within the normal range. According to a study at Kings College in London, the cock has an average length of 9.16 centimeters when flaccid. In the erected state is to be expected with an average length of 13.2 and a circumference of 11.6 centimeters. These are the average measures of over 15,500 men from 20 countries. Although most men have a normal sized phallus, in 2018 at least 45 percent of men state that they are dissatisfied with their penis size.

How long will I use it for better results?

In order to achieve good success as quickly as possible, it should be expected that one must be worn every day for at least 8 hours. It is recommended to use it during sleep. It should also be noted that the application may take between 8 and 12 months, depending on the person. This means that it is sometimes necessary to use the phallus enlarger / Stretcher completely for up to 125 days at a time until the desired result can be achieved.

How long is the delivery period?

If you are going to order it today, most the products mentioned delivers it discreetly and least 3 days delivery period. they even offer a return policy for 2 weeks or 1-month policy. but it is highly recommended that you have to order it to their website directly to avoid getting the fake ones. It’s for your own safety.