Nyx Advent Calendar 2018 : Discover 24 Beauty Surprises This Christmas!

Waiting for Christmas is wonderful – with this limited advent calendar full of irresistible highlights for lips, eyes, and complexion. Embark on a colorful journey with NYX Professional Makeup and discover 24 beauty surprises for the perfect look in the run up to Christmas!

The NYX Sugar Trip Advent Calendar is finally here! The Advent calendar is not only filled with lipsticks this year but also includes a blush, three highlighters and six eyeshadows in addition to lip products! The lip products again have a great color and finish. If you are looking for 14 lipsticks that are suitable for everyday use, in addition to 2 nude butter glosses, most lip products are a soft matte lip cream in rather striking colors such as blue, dark brown or pink.

What does the Nyx Advent calendar 2018 look like?

nyx advent calendar 2018

Already last year, this advent calendar was extremely popular. Thanks to the great beauty stuff he has gained tremendous popularity. After all, it is a very interesting and high-quality brand. The hugely popular Nyx range has always been sold out very quickly, as have many other products. That’s why you should be very fast when buying. Because once the calendar is sold out, it was with this great gift. There will be no extra post-production! If you still want to be surprised, then you should skip this chapter now, because we are now very carefully on the content of the calendar.

Included in the calendar:

  1. butter lip gloss in “Glaze-y Days”
  2. an Intense Butter Gloss in “Sweet Nothing”
  3. Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in “Deep Rooted”
  4. a Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in “Slip”
  5. Liquid Suede in “Starstruck”
  6. a Liquid Suede in “Peanut Butter”
  7. Matte Lipstick in “Fluff Piece”
  8. Matte Lipstick in “Sorbea”
  9. Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Kiev”
  10. a soft mat lip cream in “Vienna”
  11. a Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream in “Nantes”
  12. a Slip Tease Lip Oil in “Poppin”
  13. a This is Everything Lip Oil in “Candy Pop”
  14. this is everything Lip Oil in “Cranberry Mint”
  15. an eyeshadow in “Sweet Tooth”
  16. an eyeshadow in “Whipped Mocha”
  17. an eyeshadow in “Twisted”
  18. an eyeshadow in “Deep Trouble”
  19. an eyeshadow in “Cookie Cutter”
  20. an eyeshadow in “Candy Stash”
  21. a highlighter in “Pop n Rock”
  22. a highlighter in “Cinnamon Spice”
  23. a highlighter in “Candy Cloud”
  24. a highlighter in “Lollipop Hop”

What is noticeable is that it is obviously just a pure lipstick stuff. Last year, many others were represented, such as make-up or eyeshadow. This is no longer there, just lippies. If you are a true lip lover and you are very fond of making them, you will certainly be happy with the calendar. For many others, he is rather disappointing. However, one should not expect that other beauty stuff is included inside the box. After all, It’s also called “Lippie Countdown”. Why this year only lippies are included, you do not know. They themselves have not commented on this.

New NYX Professional Makeup Sugar Trip 24 Days Of Beauty Advent Calendar

What is Nyx Sugar Trip 24 Days of Beauty – Advent Calendar?

This is a limited edition of Nyx advent calendar 2018, this features the formula of fan-five 24 new shades. experience these stunning lippies collection will take you through the amazing make-up dreamworld experience. With 14 mid-size lippies and 10 blendable powders. This amazing assorted of lippies like Butter Gloss and Soft Matte Lip Cream, with lush and highlighters as well as the eyeshadow. This is an amazing one-stop shop of assortment for a treat.

Is Nyx Advent Calendar is the best gift this 2018?

After all, not every advent calendar is intended for each person. Everyone has different interests. For example, some of them are putting their money on other gifts this year. This also has the advantage that you do not need a partner. Theoretically, you can surprise yourself every day. But not only for personal use, this is very suitable, but also for gifts. In this review, we would like to deal with the contents of the Nyx advent calendar 2018. In addition, we also give more information about this product. For example, we will discuss whether the gifts behind the 24 doors are really high quality and whether the box will live up to its price and much more.

nyx adventskalender 2018 make-up

How long can I consume It?

Based on the quantities you can say that you have a very large variety of stuff. However, these are quickly consumed after some applications. It is really just a miniature size for testing the products. Since this is the intention behind the name, but this is very well done. Because the quantities are absolutely sufficient for testing. The colors are repeatedly praised because for the matte look It is finally known. Each lipstick has a different hue, so you have a lot of variety in the Christmas season here.

Where can I buy the Nyx Advent Calendar 2018?

Since the It is sold out very quickly, you should also sign up for the newsletter. Here you get some early bird discount, so you do not have to pay the full price and on the other, you will surely get a Nyx advent calendar. But if you have forgotten to subscribe to the newsletter, then you should look either on Amazon or on Lookfantastic, if you still get one there.

buy the Nyx Advent Calendar 2018

The packaging is relatively neutral if that should be important to you. For example, if you want to give it to your girlfriend/partner, it’s very important. In that case, you should definitely choose Amazon. Here comes the Nyx Advent Calendar 2018 then in the classic Amazon carton, so you can not conclude what is in this. Some also order these from Douglas, but we would advise against it. After all, this takes far too long and sometimes involves additional costs. If you really want branded lipsticks quickly at home, then you should order on the Internet. Don’t contact them on the phone It won’t work.


Since the content is very simple, we come to our conclusion. We have to say that we definitely found the calendar from last year a little better. After all, there was a lot more choice and different products. This year, unfortunately, you only have lipsticks, which is not bad in itself. The quality is just the standard brand quality, let’s say. These are very high-quality lippy with great colors. For lipsticks lovers an absolute must-have!


How long does the shipping take?

Of course, you want to have the Nyx Advent calendar 2018 very quickly with you, but there may be some delays. Finally, the box is ordered very often. If the item is still available in the online stores, it usually only takes 2-3 working days. But it can happen that you have to wait much longer. The brand said that they are working flat out to make sure that everyone has it at home on December 1st.

Has my order been sent?

If you have ordered from Lookfantastic, then you can check in your account, if the order has already been sent. However, you will also be informed by this company independently, if it should come to longer shipping times. This is, as already described above, due to the huge purchases of the calendar. If your package still has not arrived, you can ask the neighbors if they have accepted the package. At Amazon, you can also track the shipping process in your account. Depending on which shipping method was purchased (Standard or Amazon Prime), you get the this a little faster.

Can you return the order?

If you are not satisfied with the calendar or if it arrives damaged, then you can send it back based on the return policy. Inquire individually!

Nyx Advent Calendar 2018 : Discover 24 Beauty Surprises This Christmas!
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