Organic causes of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Erectile dysfunction in men is a statement that seems unlikely. Erectile dysfunction is considered a condition that normally affects the elderly, that is, people over 40 years. This reality could have been true in the past, but not today. These days, many men have erectile dysfunction in the community. This figure is aggravated even by the fact that most of them do not request health advice adapted to their situation. They do not want to reveal this situation and live with it.

Before we can continue with the causes and possible treatments for erectile dysfunction in men, let’s examine this situation. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem typical of men and recognized by a person who loses the ability to achieve and maintain a structure during sex. Young men are subject to the situation due to their way of life.

Several reasons can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Doctors often have trouble identifying the real cause of erectile dysfunction in men. However, the research has raised some possible causes of this problem for men throughout the community.

The following graph shows the percentage distribution of the most important causes of an organically induced ED:


Some Organic causes of  Erectile Dysfunction include:

The psychological problems

These concerns play more in the production of dysfunctions according to many scientists. Some of these concerns may be stress before sexual health diseases: Insufficient health problems can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Overweight, heart problems, diabetes, and many others affect the functioning of a person’s gender.

Operations can also affect a person’s ability to obtain a construction. activity related to sex, especially if you do it for once, concerns about early sexual relationships and other psychological problems. If the adolescent’s thoughts are not in a condition related to sex, making love becomes very difficult because sex is a perspective.

Health diseases

Insufficient health problems can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Overweight, heart problems, diabetes, and many others affect the functioning of a person’s gender. Operations can also affect a person’s ability to obtain a construction.

Nowadays, almost anyone who wants an erection can get it, regardless of the root cause of his problem. There are many reasonable treatment options. Your first step is to find a well-trained, experienced and compassionate doctor who is willing to take the time to understand you and study you completely, to find out the reason and discuss the procedures available to you.

Unhealthy Lifestyles

The lifestyle that most men lead is very dangerous and makes them vulnerable to circumstances related to sex, such as erectile dysfunction. Bad routines, such as excessive consumption, smoking, difficult and stimulating medications are very typical in the context of higher education. The university and children often adopt such behaviors to be able to integrate with their colleagues.

What they do not know is that these routines have an immediate effect on their well-being and, in particular, on their libido. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, stimulants, and difficult medications affect the neurological system, which avoids the mental alerts responsible for the pleasure and emotion related to sex.

The condition of diabetes

Erectile dysfunction is essential in men with diabetes. In the United States, it is estimated that 10.9 million adult men are diabetic and that 35% of them are low. The entire procedure includes the premature and surprisingly severe solidification of the penile ducts. The activity of peripheral neuropathy includes the nerves that control erection, which is seen regularly in men with diabetes.

Mental Depression

Mental misery is another reason for erectile dysfunction in men and this problem is firmly identified with weakness. Since there is a three-way relationship between misery, erectile dysfunction, and cardiovascular status, men with mental disorders need to be fully evaluated in order to decide on disease and mental states. Some antidepressants can cause erectile dysfunction.

Neurological reasons for erectile dysfunction

A progression of neurological and [notoc] is responsible for erectile dysfunction in humans. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, endless alcohol abuse, mental damage, nerve damage, spine and nerve damage caused by a pelvic medical procedure can cause erectile dysfunction in the body. human.

Drug medicine induced Erectile Dysfunction

A wide variety of medications prescribed by a physician, including high blood pressure medications, blood pressure medication, antidepressants, ophthalmic drops for glaucoma, and malignant chemotherapy agents, which are just one of many drugs. Relative to the disease. erectile dysfunction.

When you see your doctor, you can very well save your life if the doctor discovers — and heals — a life-threatening illness. Often, you can regain your sexual health by treating a condition such as high blood pressure with diet and exercise or controlling your diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction initiated by hormones

Hormonal abnormalities, such as prolactin, a hormone created by the frontal pituitary, excessive use of steroids by the muscular head, an exorbitant or deficient thyroid hormone and hormones for the malignant growth of the prostate can cause problems. erectile A low level of testosterone can aggravate erectile dysfunction, but it is sometimes the main factor responsible for erectile dysfunction in men.


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