Phallosan Forte Review (2019): What Do Men Say About The Extender? Is It Really Worth The Price?

Having an Erectile Dysfunction? Or you’re looking for a reliable and clinically tested device for penis enlargement, enhancement, and straightening, or a Post-surgical treatment for Peyronie’s Disease (IPP). Read this Phallosan Forte review and find out why it is highly recommended for you.

I know that having those problems would cause us very low self-esteem. Most of us men have this ultimate dream of having a fulfilling sex life with our partner and enjoying passionately, but unfortunately not all of us are gifted, we resorted to buying various devices that are available in the market online and spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars, hoping that it could help us achieve our desired size and length of penis, but in the end it leads us to more frustrations because the device did not work as advertised.

But not anymore! Today I will introduce this device that could change your life forever.

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What is Phallosan forte?

phallosan forte

Kirchstr. 3 
LI-9490 Vaduz – Liechtenstein
Contact No.+423 235 84 77

It is a penis enlargement and straightening device developed by SWISS SANA ANSTALT who is one of the top manufacturer and supplier in Germany, the device is prescribed to those who wanted to have a longer and larger penis combined through a vacuum system and for comfortable use every day. Also, for example, after prostate surgery, a reliable erection help may be necessary and even the problem described in the art as penis curvature can be treated with it.

Phallosan forte is being featured and recognized by popular journals and periodicals today such as Medical Tribunes, The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Men’s Health and many others. The Phallosan is now popular worldwide due to it’s a secure and effective various way to enlarge penis, hardness, and girth.

journals and periodicals

But how does It work in details?

So you might be wondering how the device works. It simply uses the power of stretching thru the vacuum system. A study shows that a man’s body responds to constant use. Like for example the stretching your muscle or making it bigger and stronger, you can only achieve by constant or regular exercise and going to the gym regularly, It doesn’t happen overnight. Same as true also by a man’s penis. Thay way to make it longer is by stretching.

This may sound complicated but It can be illustrated in this 3 important factors about the device:

  • Increases the length by stretching.
  • Increases the girth thru exercising the muscle and make it stronger.
  • Overall it Increases erection.

Another explanation is the process called multiple cell replication or meiosis. The constant stretch tends to replicates or divides the cells on its muscles and resulted in the growth of the penis.

So let’s take a closer look at the Phallosan results, after all, a working remedy for improving erection in all its manifestations is every man’s dream, which, unfortunately, is often enough shamelessly exploited by unhelpful or unsafe methods.

Phallosan Forte Study – by Dr. Michael Sohn

A study of the effectiveness of Phallosan was conducted at Markus Hospital, in Frankfurt, Germany, Urological Clinic. During the month of January 2005 and January 2006. 24 patients were tested during that time and all results show that there was an increase in size less those 2 dropouts patients. The Results of the test are as follows:

  1. 1.41 inches (3.6 cm)/ 1.14 inches (2.9 cm)the average increase in length for non-erect/erect stage – these are the patients who are wearing the device for 6 hrs in 5 days a week.
  2. 1.9 inches (4.9 cm)/ 1.47 inches (4.0 cm)this is the highest result of length at non-erect/erect stage after six months – for patients who are wearing the device for 9 hrs in 6 days a week.

The results of these test are permanent and can still be increased if you use the device for a longer period of time. The data of the study were evaluated and collected by Dr. Hanike the clinic’s senior consultant, Majority of them experienced an increasing level of hardness and stamina, less premature ejaculation and harder erections, all of them testified that length and girth gains were achieved. To read more about the detailed information about the study you can read a Statistical report, Author: Dr. Clemens Tilke PDF file here.

Phallosan Forte System

Here is a schedule that is recommended for you to follow in order to have better results.

This system is very simple and easy to perform.

1st WEEK: For week one (1) wear the extender for a 1-hour session and do it at least 4 to 5 times a day with low tension, this is just to get used to it first. This for a period of 6 days for the week, so you will have a 1-day rest.

2nd WEEK: On this week you need to adjust the tension all little just to feel a little stretching going on. Wear the device for a 1-hour session and do it at least 5 times in 6 days with a 1-day rest again.

3rd WEEK: After 2 weeks of wearing the device, you should get used to it. Increase the number of hours to 6 hours and 2 hours wear for 3 times a day. This is also applicable for 6 days with 1 rest day.

4th WEEK: This week and onwards is the most challenging part. You need to go for 8 hours wearing the device, 4 hours tension 2 times a day. (For 6 days and a 1-day rest)

5th WEEK and onwards: This time wear it for 10 hours every day and increase the tension that you can tolerate and feel the stretch without the pain. but remember to have also a 1 day rest every week.

From the 5th week and onwards for at least 4 to 6 months, you will see a big difference. So start a little lighter for the tension for the first month and have it increase gradually for the succeeding months following the weekly procedure.

Note: The result may vary from the study since it depends on the time and dedication of the user. this requires self-discipline and time management in order to achieve the desired size.

** to be sure that you get the genuine device and not be exposed on those fake ones that are flooding in the market today, I recommend that you get it to their official website.

Official Website ➤

Where to buy?

Many interested men search online for terms like Phallosan forte amazoneBay or pharmacy. In my opinion, however, ordering from the manufacturer is by far the best option if you want to get. The extender is also available in the pharmacy, but the price comparison shows that the price is usually higher there and the advice often leaves much to be desired. In my detailed info article, you will find much more useful information on buy Phallosan forte.

Phallosan forte Price

Phallosan forte price is 339 USD + 25 USD (shipping fee), the cost may be a little expensive but compared to other extenders, the result is real and noticeable for a short period of time, and its safe to wear since its tested clinically by urologist, and it has a 2 year warranty on all parts excluding vacuum condoms and protector caps, but it has a 4 pieces sleeves condom free.

It has also a return policy of 2 weeks upon the receipt of the product, the packing is plain for discreet and anonymous buyers protection. So if you’re looking for a best Phallosan forte price and package you can order directly to their website, customer support will assist you if you have questions during the order or simply email them:

(If you want to get 4 free sleeve condom of Phallosan (worth more than 100 USD) Order now!) click here

phallosan forte price

Phallosan Forte Price Orders will arrive within 2 working days (plus 4 sleeve condoms worth 100 USD)
Cost339.00 USD
Shipping Fee25.00 USD

Phallosan Forte Amazon

The main concern of this review is your health, that is why its very important to inform you that there are fake Phallosan Forte that is flooding the market today, especially on popular platforms like eBay and Amazon. It is important for the buyers to know that this is not available on other online stores. you can only get it through their website directly.

As mentioned Phallosan Forte Amazon and eBay are not available, also a price comparison cannot be determined. If you want to get one, my advice is that you order it on their Official website, not in Amazon, you will be assured that it’s genuine, with 2 weeks return policy, plus you will get the direct access to their customer support if you need an assistant.

These are the benefits if you buy it directly from the manufacturer:

  • You are assured that you get the genuine product.
  • the cost is lower compared to Amazon (if it will available in Amazon)
  • Very fast and Discreet Delivery.
  • Customer support is available always.
  • Return and refund policy of 2 weeks is guaranteed.
  • All parts have a 2-year warranty (excluding vacuum condoms)

Even if this will be available on Phallosan Forte Amazon in the future, buying it directly to the manufacturer is by far the best option. Click here

Thicker and Bigger Results

phallosan forte alternative

The reports in the circle of acquaintances and beyond are similar: Men have quite fulfilled sex with the partners, but in sum, many just want a bigger erection and the measure and thickness of the penis, many men would like to improve. Since then all sorts of remedies are tried, from the pharmacy and drugstore, advertised on the Internet or recommended by the doctor.

Many men have a problem with penis curvature or a less convincing erection, a very simple and at the same time efficient product for penis enlargement. The sex life of men and their partners changes dramatically, because of course size matters, the of the erection, and the impressive, very credible reports describe a whole range of benefits:

  • the treatment of the erection not only in measure but also possible erectile dysfunction and occasional penile curvature.
  • Excellent wearing comfort: By means of a vacuum, a cylinder, and the appropriate expansion belt, penis straightening is very convenient, the application is neither visible nor annoying and can be used without any problems in everyday life.
  • Easy to clean, hygienic and made of gentle, skin-friendly materials
  • Long-lasting effect: Gentle application both while sitting and sleeping, no additional training required
  • Medical application, available in the pharmacy and possibly, therefore, the price is taken over by the health insurance.

All in all, this is an effective product for penis stretcher, developed in a company with decades of experience. The fast, reliable effect is achieved by a gentle stretch, which stimulates cell growth and tissue and impressive erections are thus very gently possible. Incidentally, the procedure originates from medicine and surgery, where, for example, skin flaps are stretched after an accident so that damaged skin can be replaced.

Of course, the product is not free of prejudices, but all of which can be quickly refuted. People like to claim that the penis extender and straightening with this method is painful, that the limb could be injured and endure permanent damage. In view of the particularly gentle, completely secure stretching and the excitation of the cells, however, pain is ruled out by an innovative application developed over many years of research.

What’s in the Package?

Package Contents :
Elastic belt1x
Suction bell in L with L-sleeve condom1x
Suction bell in M with M-sleeve condom and assembled tension clip1x
Suction bell in S with S-sleeve condom1x
sleeve-condoms (1x S, 2x M, 1x L)4x
protector cap2x
Tension clip1x
Suction ball with 3-way valve1x
Measuring template1x
Instructions for use (Manual)1x
Travel bag1x

Phallosan Forte Gains

phallosan forte before and after results

most of the testimonies on people who have already used the extender, the before and after results, gain or increase in size by 1.5 to 1.9 inches in 3 to 6 months. this is also attested by a clinical study in Germany where test patients have increased their erection by 1.9 inches for a period of six months. based on clinical study and experts conclusion, Phallosan forte gains before and after shows that an average of 1.4 inches gains for a period of 6 months.

Better Phallosan gains will always depend on the person’s dedication and motivation. the result is not instant or overnight as what most of us dreamed about, it requires dedication and patience and sacrifice. the most important tips are followed all the instructions step by step, there is no shortcut on this one, but the before and after the outcome will surely make a difference in our life.

Phallosan forte vs SizeGenetics

As discussed earlier the device is a penis extender and at the same time, it’s a male enhancement that focuses on the length and girth. Its comfortable to wear and provides a moderate stretching for a certain time this is recommended for beginners. while SizeGenetics is more advance that has been around for a period of time, but based on clinical studies, the extender is a more updated compared to SizeGenetics and the outcome is far better.

So if you’re going to ask which has a faster result we recommend It. Although the price is a little bit higher than SizeGenetics it will compensate with the faster and noticeable outcome, more comparison will be shown on Phallosan forte vs SizeGenetics on the table below:

Phallosan ForteSizeGenetics
Before and after resultsNoticeable 3-6 monthmore than 6 month
Discreet Delivery✔️✔️
Comfortable to wear✔️
Warranty2 yearsnot mentioned
Easy to use✔️

Let’s take a look at the exact procedure that leads to the impressive before and after results

How to use Phallosan forte for Better Results?

If you want to order It, you will receive a whole package, high-quality materials, durable and well-made. In addition to the hip belt, an acorn bell is included in the scope of delivery, in different measurement, of course, as well as the protector cap, the vacuum pump, and additional sleeve condoms, as well as detailed instructions. In the compilation, this is a guarantee for successful use, especially since the Phallosan manual instructions are very simple:

First, the penis is measured, which is needed for the selection of the appropriate glans – bell. Subsequently, the pump cap is placed on the bell and then the member is inserted to operate the vacuum pump. These push a few times and finally, the penis, bell and the condom used for the protection of the skin are tight, which is held by the connected ring of foam and a belt on the hip.

The attached materials are stretchy, erections are no problem when wearing It. In contrast to many other preparations for the improvement of erections, the Phallosan gains are immediately felt:

  • Fast enlargement and extension in the extent of erection. Several centimeters are possible and this is comparatively fixed so that in this type of penis straightening successes are immediately felt.
  • Easy to use, suitable for everyday use and time-saving
  • Very comfortable, workouts are unnecessary, since just wearing for several hours a day is quite enough
  • Improvement of self-esteem, the man’s best piece presents itself in imposing measure and that not only in length but also in the extent that is well known for good sex is not unimportant.

Are you ready for an all-around, exciting Sex life?

Lets admit majority of men are dreaming or thinking about having a very exciting sex life almost every day, but the fear of disappointment is real, because of having below average penis measure they have, you may think of yourself as inferior to others, and even afraid of having sex with a gorgeous woman that they been dreaming because of having this inferior measure.

Let’s admit guys in sex “Size does matters. Of course, there are other factors that would make sex interesting but as a general rule or a woman wants on there partner is first the size of their package. If you have that inside your pants then definitely you have the edge among other men.

Now let’s move forward and solve that problem you have, all need to do is to get this extender which can be bought in the pharmacy or directly to the manufacturer online, and you will get the comprehensive package and of course a guarantee on material and product.

Final Thoughts

As a final thought, there are lots of negative reviews about these, some even say that this is expensive compared to other extenders. Yes, it seems to be a little bit of expensive compared to the others, but the effect is real, and most men are using this because of its effectiveness and easy to wear.

In any case, Man receives a comprehensive improvement, a gentle and very effective method, with which to impress the partners. The sex life improves immediately noticeable, especially as a larger and longer erection in bed often leads to completely new, exciting experiences.

An excellent price-performance ratio, therefore, measurable and verifiable! Men have the choice: an inadequate erection and penis measure can either be ignored, with all the unsatisfactory consequences, treated with other useless, sometimes even dangerous applications, but in view of the countless failures is actually not an option – or as a third variant of penis enlargement now with Phallosan possible.

The extender has gone through a series of clinical test to ensure the safety and effectiveness of its purpose. nowadays some reviews are even offering rebates or discounts about the extender, but we say that those are scams! If you wish to have this extender that would change your faith for the rest of your sex life. purchase directly to the manufacturer or to their website not available in Amazon.


How fast is the result of enlargement and what dimensions can be achieved?

Within a few days wearing Phallosan, the cells are stimulated by means of the uncomplicated expansion concept and can be advantageously influenced. The circumference is one to two centimeters, the length even up to four inches possible.

What is the risk of injury or skin irritation?

Very low. On the one hand, a procedure developed in the laboratory, such as in medicine, ensures gentle stretching, on the other hand, only skin-friendly, very compatible materials are used.

Is the extender available in eBay?

No. The extender is not available on eBay. If there will be a similar product sold on this online store, its probably fake or second-hand use. some will attempt to sell it on other online shop but the risk is there if you will opt to get o this site you will surely be disappointed with the result because its a fake one. we recommend you get it directly to their official site @

 Are there any accessories, such as an app to monitor progress?

Yes, the iOS and Android program provides a helpful overview of train strength, calculation of training schedules or usage times, and successes in increasing the length and thickness of an erection.

Is the straightening device really suitable for every man?

As long as there are no pathological causes for lack of erectile function, the stretcher can be used without any problems and the reliable outcome can be achieved.

Phallosan Forte Review (2019): What Do Men Say About The Extender? Is It Really Worth The Price?
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