Myths and Facts about Sex

Our sex drive is innate, how we live our sexuality, that is learned. However, our teachers in this field were often not competent and drew their knowledge from dubious sources. As a result, we too often carry with us wrong and unrealistic ideas that can negatively affect our sexuality. Here are a few of them.

A real man can and always wants!

For many men, masculinity is synonymous with virility. In this attitude, of course, potency disorders become a disaster. A man with a potency disorder is then no longer a real man, but simply a wimp! No wonder men with erectile dysfunction can retreat and not even talk to their partner or a doctor about it. It just hurts to touch this wound.

The bigger (and harder) the penis, the more satisfied the partner

Actually, it is clear to everyone: Not the size of the penis is crucial, but what you do with it. Nevertheless, this myth lives on. Or how about explaining that a Google search for “penis enlargement” and “penis enlargement” yields many thousands of hits?

A man has to let his partner experience an earthquake

Many men are under a lot of stress during sex because they think that sex is satisfying for the partner only if it ends in a furious way. If this is not the case, then something went wrong and they feel responsible for this “failure”.

Both partners must (at the same time) come to a climax

Whole generations have obtained their enlightenment from the book “The Perfect Marriage” by van der Velde (published in 1923, but a bestseller until the sixties). There the simultaneous orgasm is propagated as the highest goal. However: to reach this goal costs a lot of concentration and is therefore certainly not lust-promoting. But even if you delete the demand “at the same time”, you put up unnecessary coercion. Only when this myth in a partnership has no meaning, it is also possible to deal well with the different needs for sex.

Only intercourse is real sex

For many years one can read in each sex advice and in many magazines articles that most women alone by penetration of the penis into the vagina do not come to orgasm. Nevertheless, sexual intercourse seems to be an indispensable part of sex for many couples. Other varieties of sexuality are accepted at most as foreplay. Under normal circumstances, does this attitude limit sexuality (or do you want your favorite food with every meal?). If sexual intercourse is no longer readily possible, then this attitude often leads to the complete renunciation of all sexual activities. Pity!

Impotence is inevitable in old age

Of course, the potency usually diminishes in old age. But there are also many men who were very potent until old age. Even in old age, erectile dysfunction, which creates a burden of suffering, the walk to the doctor! Even after the health care reform in this case counseling, diagnosis and treatment benefits of statutory health insurance. You only have to pay for the medication yourself.

Sex is no longer for the elderly

Sexuality is a wonderful source of vitality! Thankfully, there are many old couples who enjoy their sexuality.

Without erection and ejaculation, there is no orgasm

This idea is just wrong. Many men who are unable to get a natural erection due to nerve damage (such as an accident or surgery) are still orgasmic. This is because the nerves responsible for the erection are different than the nerves that carry stimuli on the penis. Even if ejaculation is no longer possible because, for example, the prostate has been removed, an orgasm is usually still possible.


On closer inspection, all of these statements turn out to be prejudices that cannot withstand verification by reality. Nevertheless, they live on, are spread in many ways and unfold their lust and hostile effect.