SizeGenetics Review : Does It really Works? Is It Really Worth It? Before and After Results Update 2019

SizeGenetics Review: What is It?


Address:Danamedic ApS Maglebjergvej 4
2800 Kongens Lyngby
Contact No.UK: +44 (0)115 769 0209 | US: +1 (646) 918 1447

It’s a penis extender device. SizeGenetics is operated and owned by DanaMedic ApS a company from Denmark, Established since 1988. This is there most successful and popular penis extender device ever produced. The only certified medical device that is safety and efficacy assessed by the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in Europe.

It was originally designed to help men with curvature penis, Its basically a straightening and extender device, Its also helps to improve the girth of the penis. This is known to be the most comfortable to wear among all device available in the market. with the unique 58 way system. The main characteristics of this device are as follow:

  • Easily extends the penis by INCHES.
  • The same Penis Enlargement device recommended and used by Popular Surgeons.
  • Helps Strengthens Erections by way of Free Exercises.
  • designed to correct Curvature penis.
  • Helps improve Self Confidence.
  • Allows you to control Premature Ejaculation.

Backed by more than 20 successful years in the market, since 1995 the Extender is one of the oldest device being sold today. They recently teamed up with 3M, a globally leading health care and come up with this advance comfort plaster that gives maximum comfort feeling of users. With this device, it allows men to wear a comfortable, non-surgical penis extension safely at the comfort of their home or away.

How do the device Works?

Just think of muscle building or those people always go to the gym, by progressively lifting weights and getting heavier every the muscle tend to react and changes its size. It does also similar to SizeGenetics by way of traction devices. by using constant using the device to your penis it tends to gently stretch, this causes the microcells (Corpora Cavernosa) within to split and produce new healthy ones. that allows your penis to be stronger and larger, it holds more blood that causes harder and bigger erections.

This is also helpful for men who have curvature penis or bent, its a condition called Peyronies. the straightener is a type 1 medical device that improves or correct these conditions. Another condition that is called Micro Penis Syndrome or having a small penis in which the device can definitely help solving those. If you suffer one of those syndromes then you must get on of this device visit their website immediately!

Order Directly to Official Website Here >>>

Clinically Proven Medical Device

The device has undergone numerous scientific research by doctors and urologist in Denmark and the US and they have proved that device really works and does extend your penis. as approved by the FDA, every device manufacturer does strictly follow high standards, They are also using highly graded facilities and components. With this type of process its safe to say that it is risk-free and very safe to use.

Doctors who personally endorsed this Extender:

  • Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen M.D. worked for cosmetic surgery since 1996, a member American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  • Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.S., A known expert in male sexual surgery. Invented the device through his thorough research and study. Founder and Director of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Denmark and Germany.

So my advice is don’t choose an inferior type of device to avoid disappointment. Go get the device, it’s 100% safe. Your health is the most important, your safety must not be compromised by those unproven devices, men around the world suffer this kind of trauma. Having a bigger penis can make your life a difference and will bring your self-esteem back and mostly, your sex life will absolutely way better than you ever experienced before.

SizeGenetics Review and Results

The package that Fits for Your needs

Value EditionComfort PackageUltimate System
  • Device Only
  • Device & Leather Case
  • Device & Leather Case with the 58 WAY Ultimate Comfort System
  • Free Instructional Video
  • Instructional Video Free
  • Massive Tension (2800 g)
  • 58 Way Comfort Technology
  • 2 Multi-Functional Heads
  • Instructional Video available
  • Free Travel Case
  • Ultimate Device Tension Levels

We recommend that you get the Ultimate System Package since its the best seller among all other packages, plus you get the complete freebies of this. Important extras ( Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturiser and Traction Plus Powder) are also given to ton ensure the smooth and comfortable extending experience you will have during the use of it. Another great deal is you will also get a bonus of PenisHealth: Enhancement exercise DVD & online access: this has more than 34 techniques and 100 videos and more photos helping you how to last longer during sexual intimacy and how to hold premature ejaculation longer.

SizeGenetics™ Price

SizeGenetics™ PriceThe package will be delivered 2-3 working days
Value Edition$199.95
Comfort Package$249.95
Ultimate System$299.95

The SizeGenetics price as of today ranges from $199.95 which is the Value Edition to $299.95 that is the Ultimate System package. the package can be delivered within 2-5 working days. It is will be in a discreet manner and even the billing process is also via DanaMedic. The box will arrive with a plain brown color with only the shipping label on it.

The Device is not available in b. if there are being it’s probably fake. The danger there is when you buy the device on those platforms you put your health at risk. which nowadays is very important for us not to victims of those scams. We value more of your safety so we recommend that you get the device directly to their official website and if you want to know the latest SizeGenetics price offer that is best for your budget.

Where to buy?

There may be some online platform that is selling this medical device, but I would not recommend that you buy it on the therm, It would be risky especially to your health. Most of it is not genuine, the danger is very if you get a fake product. I even read some customer complaints about them getting fake ones on those popular online shop. The best way to be safe is to buy it directly to the manufacturers Official Website, in that way you will be assured of your safety, plus you got to talk with customer service directly if you have other concerns.

SizeGenetics Results: Before and After

Many of you are asking, Is there really actual before and after results on those who are using the dick stretcher device. How many gains do they get if any? Well, most of them say that it extends by inches. One man quoted on their before and results in testimony on their website says:

For only 4 months using I simply can’t believe the result. I used to be 6.9 inches now my penis is longer by more than 2 inches. I was ecstatic when my wife brought an XL condoms packs for, I really can’t believe its happening to me now. 

SizeGenetics Before and After Results

My Stamina also has gone up. I’m almost 60 yrs old but I never feel better that before in my entire life. This really amazing. It’s not only that my penis became longer and stronger but also my stamina has been amazing these days.

Please take note the result may vary to each individual that uses the device. most customers also have reported excellent result not only on the extension but also it straightens their curvature penis. It is for the very best reason that we recommend in this review that you get this Phallus Extender. This is a very safe and proven form many doctors and users.

Guarantee for Customers

The goals of this enlargement device is to remove the risk from buying a penis enlargement device, that is why the company offers a money back guarantee if the device that you bought will not work. This how confident they are with this extender device. the effectiveness and results are backed by those clinical study and a series of device test. Its even double money back guarantee for you if it fails to work.

Well, I guess with this guarantee, we have nothing to lose. Right? but everything to gain. They guarantee us with this following terms.

  • Safety or risk-free
  • High Standard or Quality
  • Guaranteed Penis Extension

They believe 100% that the product will work for you. Simply use it for at 4 months and follow the instructional video on how to use it. the process must be documented in order to qualify for the money back guarantee. just go over on their official website for the details or contact their support

SizeGenetics Vs Other Extenders

SizeGeneticsOther Extenders
Tension2,800 g tension1,500 g to 1,800 g
Recorded Resultsgain by inches❌
Testimonies Reported✔️❌
Yeats of Company18 yearsless than 5 years
Guaranteemoney back for 180 days❌
Clinically Tested✔️❌

Final Thoughts

As a summary of the review,  I can say that their priority is the health of every man using this device, that’s why they undergo into series of test with the renowned worldwide doctors that would attest the efficacy of this product, It’s risk-free and sure can increase the size of your penis into inches. For years the company has spent their time developing this device. If you’re looking for a risk-free penis extender device with faster results, then I highly recommend that you get one of this straightening device. Having erectile dysfunction is surely depressing can get your self-esteem to be very low. so why feel this way wherein you can change those situations by this device. Order the product now and experience the best feeling than before.


How long will the results take?

first of all, in order to get a faster result, you must dedicate more time and focus on wearing the extender, as per reports, most noticeable results usually take place  4 months, but depending on the persons using the result may vary. it maybe earlier as expected or a little longer.

How many hours will I wear the extender device per day?

We recommend in this review that you use the SizeGenetics for at least 4 to 6 hours a day, but for starters, you can wear it less for the first few days, just to get used to it. And on the succeeding weeks, we suggest that you wear for 4 to 6 hours a day for 6 days every week and then rest it for 1 day every week, in that way you can achieve a faster result.

Is it comfortable to wear?

Absolutely. It’s by far the most comfortable to wear. you didn’t even feel that you’re always wearing it every day once you get used to the device.

Does it help straighten a curvature penis?

Yes. This is highly recommended as a penis straightening device. this even is recommended by the most urologist today. and this was originally designed and developed for this purpose, to help men having curvature penis. Get one of this now and it will change your life forever.

How long is the delivery time?

Usually, the delivery is very fast. It only takes at 2 to 5 days on the device be delivered into your hand. plus it is being delivered directly, a plain color brown box is where is the product being sealed with shipping label only.

How is the billing being handled?

The billing is absolutely discreet. the heading will show DanaMedic so no one will know except the receiver knows whats in the brow box. this will saves you from being humiliated if your neighbor will see the package.